Even if you have your car washed regularly expect its paint and body to show signs of damage after several years. Paint fades because of exposure to the elements. It can easily be damaged by flying stones and dirt hit by the tires of the car.  The effects on it could be worse during car accidents. In fact, you will are lucky if you can get away with just a scraped paint. Most likely, the body of your car would be damaged too. 

Damage to the body of your car is caused not only by accidents.  Many cars do not figure in accidents, yet their bodies could undergo one or two repairs during their lifetime. The floor of the car is most vulnerable to damage. It is constantly stepped on and the weight of the occupants puts a lot of pressure on it. Just a few inches above the surface of the road, it accumulates mud and dirt.  All these combine to effectively remove its protective coating, allowing rust to develop. 

The best way to prolong the body and paint of your car is to bring it to a body repair shop whenever you see some damages to it.  Do not think you can  delay taking action because you think the damage is only on the paint.  Remember that paint is the main protection of the body which means you cannot allow damage to it, however minor, left unrepaired for a long time.  A small scrape can easily grow bigger, leaving exposed body parts   unprotected against rusting. It is even more important that you immediately bring your car to a body shop if the damage is on the body.  Damage to the body will eventually become bigger until you are forced to spend more money on extensive repairs.  Learn more at jhbodyshops.com.

There are millions of car owners, who like you, need appropriate services to keep the engines and bodies of their cars in good condition. For paint and body repairs, there are thousands of body shops.  Wherever you live, there will be paint and body shops you can bring your car to for servicing. 

Car body repair and repainting are jobs you cannot take for granted. They require a high level of expertise and experience. However, these are not the only things to consider in choosing a body shop. Some  shops  like John Harris Body Shops, aside from  the  fine quality of their work,  offer  various  incentives  to their  customers which separates  from their competitors.  Choose the body shop that offers the most   number of incentives. Keep reading here: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/laiza-king-/5-maintenance-tips-for-ke_b_12779620.html.
When do you need to Take Your Car to a Paint and Body Shop?